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Working with Mary has been an absolutely amazing experience. I had neck pain for years after two neurosurgeries. In one remote session with Mary, the pain was gone. I am a bit stunned myself as I thought I'd have to live with it forever. Mary is so talented I'm telling everyone about her. She also does remote healing work on all my animals.

- Karen Anderson - Pet loss Specialist and Animal Communicator

Some people choose energy work, but others are chosen. I think this describes Mary. She is open and intuitive which is a perfect combination for a healer. She honors her gifts, and in doing so we all benefit greatly. -Janet Sharp

Mary Sassone is a talented practitioner and wonderful human. I met her while teaching a class in Energy Medicine, and was immediately struck by the authenticity she brought to both the class and our conversation. That was 5 years ago, and I have seen Mary grow into a gifted and dedicated practitioner. Anyone who works with her will feel safe, deeply heard, and definitely enriched by the experience. - Marjorie Fein - LMT, EEM-AP

Mary's help comes to me at a critical time with warmth, insight and humility. She holds a door open to true and lasting healing. Thank you Mary - Steve W

Working with Mary has been great. She has been able to increase my daily energy and reduce my need to take energy supplements. She has been able to increase my flexibility, and significantly reduce my stress. Mary is great to work with -Jeff Q

I found Mary 2 months after I was diagnosed with cancer. Our weekly sessions help me tremendously and taught me a daily energy routine that I can do myself in-between our sessions. Mary makes me feel good. - J.D

Look no further, you have found the real deal. Informed, knowledgable, genuine and compassionate. Advanced Practitioner Mary brings all this to her therapy table, and more. - Effie Roberts

Having an energy session with Mary is one of the most relaxing and grounding experiences I have ever had. She intuitively moves your energy while holding space for you to settle into yourself. The sessions are comforting, nourishing, and most of all revitalizing! Whenever someone I know is struggling and western medicine does not seem to be covering the gaps, I always refer energy work with Mary as a new path toward healing. - Darah S.

I’ve been feeling really balanced and calm after each session and sleeping through the night which I’ve been struggling with for years. Thank You! - Chris T.

Thank you so much Mary for all your help with our cat Ollie. He was very lethargic and sad since the loss of his brother Jack. He wasn’t eating or even interacting with us. After your session with him he was back to his usual behavior and the messages that came through from Jack were a bonus. I will definitely be using you again and for myself as well. -Josie T.

Truly AMAZING is the only way I can describe my Energy sessions with Mary. The incredible results have left me in awe. I’m so grateful for Mary’s compassion, knowledge and wisdom. -Trish

I was feeling very angry, stuck and depressed, but after my sessions I felt hopeful, positive and empowered. Mary is incredible at what she does. She truly cares with such love and compassion and is the kindest person I have ever met. Forever Grateful -LK

My dog Louie was experiencing seizures and would become restless and disoriented. The vet kept increasing his medication with little results. After some weekly sessions, the seizures were less severe and less frequent, and we were able to significantly reduce his medication. His quality of life is better. I found Mary through a friend, and I am so glad I did! - David F.

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